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DUNDAS collaborates with Polkadot, Unique Network, and UME to bring Web3 to Paris Fashion Week

March 6, 2023 in Events, Parachains, Technology

Designer to the world’s biggest celebrities, DUNDAS will award 340 Proof-of-Attendance NFTs to exclusive guests at its D24 show.

DUNDAS, the women's designer clothing brand by the renowned Peter Dundas, in conjunction with Polkadot, the next-generation blockchain network powering the movement for a better web, is dropping its D24 collection of NFTs called “DUNDAS PFW 2023”, Proof of Attendance Protocol (PoAPs) at Paris Fashion Week. The PoAP tokens will be minted on Unique Network, a sustainable NFT blockchain and Polkadot parachain, and incorporate the narrative behind Peter Dundas’ creative designs, which have been worn by the likes of Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde, and Mary J. Blige, among others.

The D24 collection PoAP, designed by award-winning creative studio UME, underscores DUNDAS’ mission to innovate and deliver groundbreaking experiences within digital fashion by leveraging Web3 technology. DUNDAS will drop a total of 340 PoAP tokens to individuals attending their  show, which will provide exclusive access to their own unique D24 Collection Paris Fashion Week show PoAP, ushering in a new Web3-powered DUNDAS community.

Evangelo Bousis, Founder and Image Director of DUNDAS, said: “DUNDAS has been heavily invested in the intersection of Web3 technologies and fashion since the beginning of this movement. The support of industry leaders like Polkadot and our strategic partnerships with UME and Unique Network helps bring this all to life. PoAPs are just the beginning. We can't wait to show the world all the groundbreaking experiences we're building together."

In keeping with DUNDAS’ commitment to sustainable fashion, the company selected eco-friendly blockchain Unique Network as the home for the D24 show collection PoAP. Powered by Polkadot’s advanced infrastructure, Unique Network offers extensive NFT capabilities, such as the ability to create customizable, dynamic, and fractional NFTs, in turn unlocking limitless opportunities for DUNDAS to expand its Web3 presence to new depths and grow its community of fans.

Alexander Mitrovich, CEO Unique Network, said: “DUNDAS and UME Studio are pushing the boundaries of NFTs beyond digital collectibles, integrating them into the very definition of innovation within the fashion world. We support their mission to do so in a sustainable, user-friendly manner.”

Victoria Bousis, CEO & XR Director UME Studio, said: “As a female director in the space, I was inspired by the narrative behind Peter Dundas’ iconic designs and the DUNDAS woman: a confident, unapologetic, and resilient figure. We drew inspiration from Peter Dundas’ creative vision for the PoAP collection to foster enriching narratives and experiences for a diverse and growing community of digital fashion enthusiasts.”

Björn Wagner, CEO of Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to the Polkadot network, said: "This is the type of collaboration we love to see in the Polkadot ecosystem, utilizing Polkadot’s boundary-pushing technology to bring new, engaging experiences for people who may have never interacted with a blockchain before."

The D24 collection was designed with the mainstream consumer in mind and offers a seamless user experience. Individuals on the exclusive guest list will be able to claim their PoAP in just a few clicks, without needing any pre-existing knowledge of Web3 wallets or blockchain.

To learn more about the D24 collection, visit


Peter Dundas launched his eponymous lifestyle brand in unconventional style, debuting with Beyoncé Knowles at the 2017 Grammy Awards. With partner Evangelo Bousis, DUNDAS was created around a non-seasonal structure of timeless and seasonless capsule collections to meet the needs of the brand’s clientele.  The Dundas woman has a nomadic spirit – she is a global traveler and values style over trends. For more information, visit

About Polkadot

Polkadot provides the technical advances necessary to make blockchain technology practical, accessible, scalable, interoperable, and future-proof, removing limitations and barriers to entry, and thereby fueling innovation, growing the decentralized technology space, and bringing the Web3 vision to life.

About UME

Recently awarded the PGA Innovation Award for 2023, UME is an innovative 3D studio that creates iconic stories and branded digital assets for web 3.0, groundbreaking immersive XR experiences, and “made in-engine” films and series via virtual production pipelines. UME bridges cinema, technology, and gaming through emotive virtual humans, fantastical worlds, and meaningful gaming interactions to pioneer the future of storytelling across platforms and audiences.

About Unique Network

Created as a gateway to capturing real value on the blockchain, brands and creators can use the powerful NFT-specific tools provided by Unique Network to design unique NFT use cases and build advanced economies. SDKs and Pallets may also create extensible applications, including Refungible Tokens, Nested NFTs, bundled fungible tokens, and sponsored transactions.

Unique aims to inspire mass adoption of NFTs by creating a purpose-built NFT chain accurately depicting how real-world assets and owners interact.

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