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Polkadot and Mythical Games: Powering the Next Generation of Gaming

April 26, 2023 in Polkadot

Mythical Games, the number one gaming blockchain and top four blockchain of all by monthly digital asset sales, is leaving Ethereum to launch its new Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot. It’s a move that enables Mythos gaming partners to build their own chains and create the biggest, most connected gaming ecosystem in Web3.

Next-generation game technology company Mythical Games has announced its plans to migrate its Mythical Chain to the Polkadot ecosystem, leaving Ethereum in favor of the decentralized and interoperable multichain network.

As part of this groundbreaking move, Mythical Games will also introduce and launch its Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) established to reduce barriers to entry for game developers. It will allow Mythos gaming partners and projects to leverage Polkadot’s unique technology and community to build their own chains and create the largest and most connected gaming ecosystem in Web3.

The announcement coincides with the global release of NFL Rivals, the first blockchain game to be licensed by the NFL and developed in partnership with Mythical.

John Linden, Founder and CEO of Mythical Games, said: “The decision to leave the Ethereum ecosystem stems from a combination of issues surrounding relatively slow transaction speeds, even with L2 roll-ups, that would ultimately hinder our scaling plans with our new games this year.

“Further, it is critical to be building on a security and governance infrastructure that gets stronger over time with more participation and is fully interoperable with other Mythos ecosystem gaming partners. After discussions with numerous blockchain protocols, it was an easy decision: Polkadot’s commitment to innovation, security, and governance provides the most value for our community. We believe this new technology will not only support our growth efforts, but also enable other Mythos partners to utilize this technology for their own high-scale projects.”

Following the transition to Polkadot, the Mythical Chain will enable Mythos gaming partners to build their own chains without sacrificing interoperability or connectivity. This will result in a new scalable platform, accessible to all Mythos partners and compliant with Web2 gaming platforms, including the Epic Games Store. This accessibility is a core principle for Mythical as it continues to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming.

Björn Wagner, CEO of Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to the Polkadot network, said: “We are thrilled Mythical Games was drawn to the unique strengths of Polkadot, which allows projects to create their own ecosystems within Polkadot, including their own governance and treasury.

“Together with Mythical, we look forward to onboarding additional AAA gaming companies and gamers to the Mythos ecosystem, bringing Polkadot one step closer to becoming the global leader in next-generation gaming. As we’ve gotten to know John and the Mythical team, it’s become apparent that we hold the same beliefs around decentralization and technical innovation, and I’m confident that together we will push Web3 capabilities years ahead of where we are today.”

The Polkadot ecosystem will also benefit from Mythical’s advanced features, streaming technologies, and Web3 gaming expertise. The engagement brings a significant potential for growth and interoperability, driving adoption of Mythical and Polystream - Mythical’s interactive streaming platform - across Polkadot’s burgeoning ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, Mythical features immersive games including its flagship Blankos Block Party on Epic Game Store, and the soon-to-be-released Nitro Nation: World Tour (iOS, Google Play). The Mythical Chain is currently in the top four blockchains in terms of monthly digital asset sales and handles more gaming transactions a day than any other blockchain - including Ethereum - with more than 3.2 million on-chain gaming transactions in the last 30 days.

Boasting over three million digital asset transactions per month, 200,000 active wallets utilizing over one native million MYTH tokens a day in gaming transactions, and a rapidly growing portfolio of games, Mythical is a leading innovator in Web3 gaming and metaverse.

Mark Cachia, Founder and CIO of ScytaleDigital, said: “In choosing Polkadot, Mythical Games now has a solid foundation of innovative and top performing tech to lean on and will be able to focus on what it’s great at - games. We are confident that Polkadot will deliver on its promise to be the most advanced and versatile blockchain platform which is why Scytale is proud to be a valued partner in this deal.”

About Mythical Games
Acknowledged by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2021 and Forbes’ Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch in 2019, Mythical is a next-generation games technology company creating a web3 gaming ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology and playable NFTs for tools that enable players, creators, artists, brands and game developers to become stakeholders and owners in new “play and own” game economies. Led by gaming industry veterans, the team specializes in building games around player-owned economies and has helped develop major franchises including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Marvel Strike Force, and Skylanders.

Mythical Platform can be added to pre-existing game economies or built into the design of a new game from the ground up, and enables management of digital asset trades, payments, users, and inventory management, making it possible for buyers and sellers of digital assets to transact confidently in an environment founded on transparency, security, trust and value. Mythical Marketplace provides seamless integration to game inventory and offers fraud protection, fee optimization, and soon asset bundling and buyer and seller pricing recommendations. Mythical partners will also have access to proprietary intelligence, market design and market intervention tools that enable easy and safe digital asset transactions.

About Scytale
Scytale is a digital asset manager with a focus on blockchain solutions. The company was an early adopter/investor in blockchain with Horizon Fund I in 2017. Horizon Fund II closed in early 2022. Scytale largely invests in projects building real world solutions across different Web3 ecosystems. To date, Scytale Horizon II has invested in 15 projects with a diversity of offerings, which include gaming, music, legaltech, security, as well as blockchain and metaverse infrastructure, among others.

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